Silly statistics

The average British household spends £470 a year on fruit and vegetables and £147 on unhealthy snack food.

But London households spend, on average, £523 on fruit and veg and £124 on unhealthy snacks.

Those in the North-east have the least healthy shopping baskets, according to price-comparison website They spend £403 on fruit and veg – lowest in the UK. Scots spend the second lowest amount at £418.

Erm, anyone bothered to adjust for the different costs of fruit and vegetables in different parts of this United Kingdom?

Ah, no, thought not.

I don\’t know (how unusual people are saying, Tim not knowing something) but I would certainly be willing to believe that retail prices are 20% lower in the NE than they are in London for perishables.

4 thoughts on “Silly statistics”

  1. Notice the denormalisation of snack food creeping in there. All snack food is unhealthy don’t you know. No evidence is ever presented for this claim of course. If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

  2. So if I want to save money I should buy snack food rather than fruit and veg? Thanks for the tip.

  3. Timmy, if you’re interested, I could give you a regular update on prices of fresh produce. I’m in Northumberland.

    I don’t fart around at Marks and Spencer, I go for the best value and that usually means the discount supermarkets like Aldi.

    But there is another tack. The major supermarkets have websites don’t they? And you can log on and build a shopping basket for say Tesco. But they require a delivery postcode. If we sorted out a standard basket of items, it would be interesting to see the price comparison between the North, and the South East, for the same items.

    Just a thought…

  4. Then there’re other points. My parents (in Devon) still grow a lot of their own veg. Allotments are very popular up here in Yorkshire, where there’s a fair bit of spare land.

    How much land for growing your own is there in London these days?

    We used to buy a bag of fresh washed salad leaves every week or so, now we have window boxes with everything we need, giving us more money for those unhealthy crisps…

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