Slightly strange

The country’s first “workplace parking levy” will come into force in Nottingham in 2012 and is likely to be adopted by other councils.

Under the scheme, any firm with 11 or more staff parking spaces will be charged £250 a year for each. That cost could rise to £350 within two years.

I admit that my detailed interactions with the UK tax system have been sparse in recent years, not having been in business in the country for some time (personal taxation is another thing of course).

However, I dimly recall that a parking space provided by an employer is a taxable benefit, isn\’t it?

So this is rather double taxation, isn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Slightly strange”

  1. Via Google I found this – which seems to explain why car parking spaces are not taxed on the employee, ie because the intention is to do it via schemes like the Notty one.


  2. Many of our local authorities are busily applying parking charge disincentives to the businesses and public amenities within their jurisdiction. This is helping to turn our town centres into ghost towns, and discouraging trade and therefore employment, and prosperity.

    Our unitary authority has decided to apply parking fees across the county, in the interests of “consistency” and “fairness”. By this they mean the equality of destruction. We have heard that they are trying to find ways of applying the same handicap to out of town stores which currently offer free parking.

    Soon we will all be shopping online. The carbon footprint of this county will look great, because no-one will be going anywhere or doing anything.

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