Slightly unfair

Not that I particularly want to defend Jack Straw but

According to a Parliamentary Answer, Jack Straw\’s department, which was created only two years ago, employs a staggering 970 personnel staff, out of a total of 3,680 officials.

Robert Blevin, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, tells me that a private company with a similar number of staff would be expected to employ about 40 people in human resources. \”These figures do sound like a lot,\” he says.

Doesn\’t the Ministry of Justice hire all the judges and magistrates (and QCs perhaps) for the country?

That is, a large part of its function is HR for a much larger group than just those that work within the department itself?

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  1. My missus runs the HR for the EMEA wing of a multinational. Only 1500 people, but she has the different legislation of 25 countries to take care of.

    She gets by with fewer than 10 people. And they’re not rushed off their feet, either!

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