Statistics, statistics

I\’m not convinced that this tells us what they think it tells us:

Lawyers who entered the profession in the 1990s typically grew up in families with incomes 64 per cent above average. Those starting out in the 1970s came from homes with incomes 40 per cent above average.

We\’ve been told, endlessly, that the distribution of incomes changed between the 70s and the 90s. That it became wider, more unequal. Depending upon how much wider, how much more unequal, it became, that 64 to 40 percent change might mean that lawyers are being drawn from higher up the income scale, the same place or even lower down.

On its own, that number tells us nothing in fact.

1 thought on “Statistics, statistics”

  1. The people who formulate these statistics appear to have little regard to the generational change in demographics.

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