Surprising, eh?

With a criminal investigation by the SFO now a possibility, the release of the report into the failings at MG Rover, including possible mistakes by the Government, will be delayed.


The current delay in the publication of the report and the decision to call in the SFO is likely to raise the question of why a police inquiry was not started earlier and whether there are details in the report, which might not be seen now until after the next election, that could be embarrassing for the Government.

My, my, didn\’t see that coming.

3 thoughts on “Surprising, eh?”

  1. Opportunity for the police to get into the Tory good books by releasing the inquiry findings during the election campaign.

  2. It’s hard to see much evidence of fraud. After all, if you own the company you can’t be defrauding the shareholders, can you?

    The only thing they can have the directors for is trading (and asset-stripping) while insolvent. Seems to me the SFO is on thin ground there too, because they had a number of strategic partnerships (with cash attached) in the offing, and it’s perfectly legitimate to trade in the expectation that one of those is going to come off.

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