The moderates

Seem to be the Muslim Council of Britain:

Some Muslims have refused to use alcohol-based hand gels to combat the spread of swine flu because they claim it is against their religion.

Some of those employed by St Albans Council in Hertfordshire have complained about the antibacterial lotion, which is considered a key strategy in containing the virus.

Officials were concerned because the Koran bans Muslims from consuming alcohol, so council chiefs issued them with non-alcohol hand gels, which studies have shown to be less effective in killing bugs.

But Muslim leaders criticised the council’s decision to change the gel, pointing out that Islamic teachings allow Muslims to use alcohol for medicinal purposes.

The Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘We would advise people to follow the medical advice so we would, of course, encourage people to use hand gel. ‘People need to find ways to accommodate their beliefs.’

Spot on there lads, spot on.

4 thoughts on “The moderates”

  1. A very devout Jordanian muslim and an equally devout Egyptian muslim on seprate occasions explained to me that the ban on alcohol was really a ban on all mind altering drugs. The idea being that they have to keep their minds clear so that they can talk to Allah during their prayers and at other times.

    I do get the impression that some people are more intersted in michief making than really protecting religious sensitivities.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    This doesn’t make the MCB of moderate. It just means we have some really insane idiots in the NHS system.

  3. They should not have jobs in the NHS, nor should they be allowed in as visitors, if they are not prepared to observe the infection control regulations.

    Who the hell do these people think they are?

    They should be told to bugger off.

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