The Swedish secret

Now Sweden\’s corporate tax is lower than many other countries.

2 thoughts on “The Swedish secret”

  1. They also put high taxes on domestic energy and modest taxes on industrial energy, so they have a strong industrial sector, the most efficient building stock in Europe, and minimal dependence on imported fossil fuels despite limited natural resources. Whereas we put high taxes on industrial energy and bugger all taxes on domestic energy, so we have near enough killed our industrial sector, occupy buildings that leak like sieves, and have pissed our ample natural resources up the wall. They are rational, we are morons.

    Of course, if you have strong revenue from tax on something pointless (heating the atmosphere with inefficient boilers in leaky house), you can afford to have lower taxes on things that are more useful to encourage, like productivity (corporation tax). I’d like to see us stop talking crap about fuel poverty and copy the Swedes to reduce tax on employment (and maybe productivity too), and scrap the myriad of daft, micro-managing schemes in the energy sector. Right Tim?

    See for latest figures on energy prices and taxes.

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