There are some morons around, eh?

Geoff Martin of London Health Emergency said: \’It\’s a scandal that any company could use the swine flu pandemic as an opportunity to jack up profits.

\’The Government should step in and impose a windfall tax on private companies that have hit the jackpot as a result of the flu crisis.\’

What would be the result of such a tax? Yes, you\’ve got it, no company would ever again invest in the research of, potential production of nor maintain the production facilities for, vaccines.

We would thus all die of the next bug spread by un-sanistised telephone handsets.

There really are some morons out there.

9 thoughts on “There are some morons around, eh?”

  1. – We face potential starvation every day, and the scoundrels in the retail sector make a profit from it.
    – Every winter, death by freezing is just a few cold days away, and yet the electricity companies are making a profit from selling their product.
    – Opticians… whats that about, profiting from poor eyesight.

    as you say, morons.

  2. I despair. How did we get here? The classroom bully, thick as pigshit, used to become a dodgy estate agent or second-hand car salesman or sell life assurance.

    Suddenly, they are paid a fortune to (not)run some quasi organisation and trouser a fortune in salary, perks and expenses.

    What’s even worse is that some fellow ex-classroom bully who is also as thick as pigshit publishes their drooling effluent.

    Let’s hope the man with no brains actually gets swine flu, then he can raise the IQ of society as a whole and make his own personal protest against Glaxo by refusing to take their medicine and do the honourable thing and drop dead.

  3. “London Health Emergency”

    Do you think I need bother to go and check whether this is a fake charity?

  4. I quite agree with Geoff Martin.

    No-one should profit from the misery of others caused by swine flu.

    So all healthcare workers will receive no overtime payments whatever due to the crisis, and if they are unwilling to work for nothing must be made to at gunpoint.

    That’s what he wanted, isn’t it?

  5. No, no, NO, you’ve got it all wrong. The way forward is to make a benevolent and all powerful government take over the development of the vaccines. That way, they can guarantee never to make a profit, and you WILL take your vaccine as ordered.

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