This is how they\’ll do it

Alan Johnson blathers on about how voluntary ID cards will be wonderful at protecting our identity.

Of course, creating one single card, easily forged, that proves identity will simply make theft of identity easier.

But, here\’s the kicker:

Our identity, the information that makes us unique, is something that we get called upon to prove each day, when we are opening a bank account, renting a flat, proving our right to work.

Those aren\’t, of course, things that we do every day. Any one individual might do any one of those things every….oooooh, couple of years perhaps?

But it\’ll be a very easy step for government to insist that we must have a voluntary ID card to indeed prove those things, won\’t it? Turning voluntary into compulsory.

3 thoughts on “This is how they\’ll do it”

  1. The softly, softly approach will eventually become unstoppable unless ID cards and the National Identity Register are chopped into tiny pieces.

    This creeping policy enforcement is extremely difficult to stop once in motion, regardless of what the Conservatives say.

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