This story in short

The UK should and will breach EU law on organ transplants.

Now, whether you or I believe they should is another matter….but the EU is certain to have something to say about it in time.

What I think about it all of course is that the two organs which can be done from live donation, kidneys and livers (yes, you can cut out part of one and give it to another, both then regenerating: I saw it on House so it must be true) should have paid markets in them.

Last year, 3,504 organ transplants were carried out in the UK from 1,844 deceased and living donors.

However, there are currently 8,054 people on the active waiting list for a transplant and a further 2,400 who are currently too ill to join the list.

About 1,000 people a year, or three every day, die while waiting.

That would solve a lot of that problem.

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