Time flies, eh JohnB?

A MOTHER was jailed yesterday for falsely claiming that a man she met on a dating ­website had raped her.

Doesn\’t it just fly by?

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  1. johnb is an excellent contributor to this blog, if you jump on him too hard then he will go elsewhere and you’ve lost a worthy blogger.

  2. btw, 2 years on the rock seems a bit harsh for what she actually did, she withdrew the compaint as soon as she was pressured and the poor bloke seems only to want an apology.

  3. “…2 years on the rock seems a bit harsh for what she actually did…”

    If it really WAS ‘on the Rock’, I might agree with you, but let’s not forget the automatic cut in sentence, less time off for any period of remand, shall we?

  4. Ms Lee added: “She got involved with dating websites and going out when her daughter was staying with her former partner, going out to pubs and engaging in what she would call risky behaviour and behaving totally out of character.”

    No no no. Other than due to specific medical problems, there is no such things as “behaving out of character”. What you do, how you behave, that is your character.

    That that a person thinks they are a respectable church mouse, and shagging while drunk in alleyways is “not like me at all”, is simply evidence that they don’t have an honest opinion of themself.

  5. Ian B says “…there is no such things as “behaving out of character”. What you do, how you behave, that is your character.”

    Excellent, I’ve been saying this for years. It’s blindingly obvious if you think about it.

  6. The poor man who was the primary victim in this case quite magnanimously said – he was unsure of the appropriateness of punishment and prison for the woman concerned but an apology would have been nice.
    The wider victims of course are her family, real rape victims, and the authorities that we pay for in respect of their costs however they did in this case eventually pursue and catch a criminal.
    I am unsure if as a victim of crime he will qualify for criminal compensation? Most cases like this end up with significant and far reaching loss for the victim. He will certainly have felt and probably feel quite alone and concerned in so many ways about his future. The official record of this experience will limit things from gaining credit and insurance to applying for work. His trust in people will be shot, relationships with those closest to him will suffer.
    So much comment on this has focused on rape victims and whether women are willing and able to do this. We, both men and women, for all concerned need to address some simple and obvious issues:

    Anonymity for all in these cases unit and if a guilty conviction is arrived at.
    Compensation and support for the primary victim of these crimes.
    Appropriate punishment and support as appropriate for those who commit it.
    Tackling the reasons why women are encouraged to do this.

    We can rubber-neck all we like at her and sympathise with real rape victims but unless something is done now we are all responsible for not changing a system that has no choice but to severely damage the society it is there to protect.

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