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At the ASI.

How Hugo Chavez has managed to turn a coffee exporter into a country where it\’s tough to find a cup of coffee.

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  1. Corollary: the Fair Trade people hate, hate, hate Britt’s operation here in Costa Rica because they won’t play ball with the stupid strong-arm tactics of the eco-Fascists. Result? Britt Tarrazú Montecielo (100% Arabica SHB) is cheap, plentiful, and about the best coffee you are ever likely to taste. You do not know what coffee tastes like until you come to Costa Rica. And I drink this stuff every day.

  2. I’ve had excellent Chinese take-out in China and unlimited Cuban cigars in Cuba. Accepted, this reflects the fact that both countries are actually market economies to some extent…

  3. John B – can the Chinese and Cubans who live there make the same claim? Or are Western visitors given a Potemkin cigar?

  4. johnb: can hoi polloi enjoy similar for anything less than an eye-wateringly large chunk of their disposable income, paid for in hard currency?

    Cuba’s ‘market’ economy is the economy of the whorehouse.

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