Trying to buck markets

So, medicines are becoming in short supply in some areas of the country.


Because people can make more money by selling them abroad (EU single market rules make ths not just legal but illegal to stop).

Part of it is the fall in sterling of course. But part is:

An agreement between the pharmaceutical companies and the government earlier this year to cut the price of drugs sold to the NHS by 3.9 per cent has also made medicines intended for distribution in the UK more attractive to foreign buyers.

Yup, drug prices here are set below what people in other countries are prepared to pay. Thus the drugs go there rather than here.

Just another lesson in how difficult it is to buck markets.

3 thoughts on “Trying to buck markets”

  1. If memory serves, the Clinton admin decided to start a program to vaccinate children for free. The meds started drying up because most of the pharm companies suddenly found it uneconomical to produce them.

    Big surprise there. Not.

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