We get this every year

Haribo qualified for 332,000 euros in farming subsidies for the sugar used in its \”gummy bears\” produced in Germany.

In France, the EU country that benefits the most from farm subsidies, over 103 million euros every year boosts the profits of sugar manufacturers – companies that do not own any farms.

Groupe Doux, a French chicken processor, raises no poultry itself but pocketed 62.8 million euros.

In Britain, Tate & Lyle Europe benefited from the taxpayer to the tune of 134 million euros in 2007.

Yes, because the way the sugar regime works the subsidy runs through the processors. It\’s still the sugar beet farmers that benefit though, by getting a higher price for their crop than they would without such subsidies.

That there shouldn\’t be this subsidy is obvious, but this implication that it just goes to the manufacturing company and not the farmers is untrue.

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  1. “It’s still the sugar beet farmers that benefit though”: surely it’s the landowners, who may or may not be the farmers?

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