As we all know, no Parlaiment can bind its successor.

Mr Johnson said: “Holding an identity card should be a personal choice for British citizens – just as it is now to obtain a passport.

“Accordingly I want the introduction of identity cards for all British citizens to be voluntary.”

Asked if the cards would ever be made compulsory he said: “No.”

So this is simply bollocks. They\’ll currently carry on with the National Identity Register and it\’ll still be open for someone at some point in the future to insist that the cards themselves will be mandatory.

Better by far to kill the entire project stone dead.

3 thoughts on “Weasel words”

  1. As we all know, no Parlaiment can bind its successor.

    Well, that is what we thought but clearly now burdened with debt that will last at least a decade and looking like we will be tied into the EU I don’t believe we can make that statement at all. It’s clearly untrue.

    Just another reason why the whole lot are traitors.

  2. I suspect Mr J knows he doesn’t have to make it compulsory. Provided he is prepared to wait his cards will make themselves compulsory with very little effort on his part and certainly no outright compulsion.

    He might have to nudge things a bit. But a few tricks like making access to state services concomitent on the production of two forms of photo ID OR one National ID card won’t be too hard to introduce. Especially as they would be explained as measures to prevent fraud.

    After that, he could sit back and watch as the private sector does the work for him. I mean, it’s much easier for the bank to identify Mr J Smith when he’s also known as Citizen 123456789. The same holds true for insurance companies, public libraries, car hire firms, airlines and everyone else.

    I reckon Alan Johnson has no more intention to give up the idea of a universal identity system and database than I have of giving up surfing for pictures of attractive ladies in their undies. He’s just following standard Labour practice – when outright compulsion fails, follow the example of Fabius Cunctator.

  3. What’s the point of a national ID database if people don’t have to have ID cards? The next small step is a demand to ‘Show me your papers’ from every cop you meet.

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