Well done Polly!

Most people in the public sector are considerably more skilled than the average private sector employee, which is what makes nonsense of any crude figures that add up the pay of each sector and divide the total by the number of employees, regardless of what jobs people do.

You know, there are various people who have said this….about the gender pay gap. For that is exactly what is done to calculate that.

In fact, the numbers that the EOC uses to calculate the gender pay gap are exactly the same ones the TPA use to calculate the public/private sector pay gap. The ONS \”ASHE\” figures.

Which leads to something of a problem really. Either the TPA ones are rubbish because they do not take account of different skill levels (and training, time in workforce, career breaks, qualifications etc) and the gender pay gap ones are rubbish for the same reason…..or, both are useful indicators. But we can\’t go round saying one is rubbish and the other valid when we\’re using exactly the same methods in both.

6 thoughts on “Well done Polly!”

  1. “Most people in the public sector are considerably more skilled than the average private sector employee”

    WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK???????????

    You mean that clod-hopping knuckle-dragging twat behind the counter at the council office is more skilled than anybody I work with?

    What utter horseshit!

  2. While I appreciate the point you are making on your Gender pay gap pet peeve, I have to agree with OTC. Apart from the armed forces and maybe some nuclear scientists, I am seriously struggling to think of ANYONE in the public sector who fits Polly’s criteria

  3. There’s been a concerted move in recent years to engage in lots of arse-covering, just in case things go wrong. This includes making sure everyone on the payroll has a diploma that ‘infers’ some sort of competence. Yes, I know… Nevertheless, it’s partly why – on paper at least – the public sector looks pretty good.

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