Well, it\’s one view of the world, to be sure

Richard Murphy:

It is in the private sector that we need cuts – or more tax if they refuse to do it. The reason is straightforward: much (and I know, not all) of what the the private sector does is froth on the top of the cappuccino, nice but wholly unnecessary. It’s the state sector that provides what we need most: health, education, housing (oh yes – all of it is regulated), safe food (oh yes – again, we only have that because it is regulated), transport infrastructure, safety, protection and so much more. They are, if you like the coffee in life. The froth is the extra. And we can do without some froth – we can’t do without the coffee.

The private sector is merely the pocket money after the State has taken care of our real needs.

Your thoughts?

31 thoughts on “Well, it\’s one view of the world, to be sure”

  1. I mean in the sense that Il Duce thought that the state was supreme and we should be eternally grateful for its wise direction of our otherwise empty and shallow lives

  2. Isn’t the private sector ‘cutting’ like mad? It’s called ‘a recession’, and I’m not sure who counts the recession as A Good Thing.

    Apart from wealthy vultures like me who are waiting for property prices to crumble.

  3. It’s a sad comment on society that such people are allowed out without constant adult supervision.

    Oh, wait… that might be the point.

  4. Hmm. Now where does this magical “State” get it’s resources from… ummm wasn’t it … err the glorious people’s revolutionary anticapitalist fountain of wealth or something?

    Seriously though, this guy must be a troll. He simply has to be. Not even the most hardened socialist believes this anachronistic bunkum any more – they’ve long since discovered that hijacking the Ecology movement was the way to implement their control over people.

  5. Just when you think he has bottomed out, he plumbs new depths of inanity. Is he a care in the community patient ?

  6. Jesus wept. That’s right up there with abortion being the liberation of the foetus from its womb prison.

  7. I’m not sure is worse, his logic (“the sector of the economy which needs tax money to survive, creates wealth”) or his authoritarian attitude. If you really want to benefit the world, Richard, shoot yourself.

  8. None of you get it. Richard Murphy is the new creation of Ricky Gervais. It’s all a joke!

  9. All of the things Murphy lists could be (and should be) provided privately. Cops, soldiers and courts. That’s the extent of the State.

    People like Richard Murphy should really be kicked in the balls over and over until things start coming off.

  10. “People like Richard Murphy should really be kicked in the balls over and over until things start coming off.”

    Now that’s a service of the state I’d pay taxes for.

  11. Noooo! Noooo! Noooo!

    Aren’t you silly people all aware that everything is owned by the State? That any money you have in your pockets is there because you have been given it by the State? That this money may be withdrawn from you if the State no longer finds it convenient to supply it?

    Don’t you remember all those ‘giveaway’ budgets?

  12. @22, while I’m agreed with the general consensus on the plan’s lunacy, the biggest problem in Zimbabwe is that the state and (because of the disfunctionality of the state) private enterprise both do bugger all. USSR would’ve been a better comparison…

  13. Phew, that was a close thing. I wandered over to the site, saw the photo and realised it was the ramblings of a young David Vine before he got bitten by the snooker bug.

  14. I’m sorry?!

    Jesus fucking wept, or he would have if he ever read Richard Murphy’s ramblings.

    The sticky stuff that lives on Richard’s bell end understands economics better than he does. He really should learn when the fuck to shut up (The correct answer being about 2 years ago).

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