Well, yes, obviously….

Ministers who ignore evidence when framing policy should be named and shamed by the Government’s Chief Scientist, a parliamentary report says.

Government departments should be exposed by their own scientific advisers when they base decisions on political considerations rather than the findings of research, say MPs.

So that\’s Harry Harperson on the gender pay gap, the violent pornogrpahy ban (it\’s a subsitute, not a complement) just about everyone on windmills and….well, can anyone think of a policy which is indeed properly based upon the science presented?

Only one comes to mind (and please, ignore that the science itself is controversial) and that\’s Air Passenger Duty which has been set at just about what the Stern Review said it should be.

5 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously….”

  1. So, what we’re saying here is that the government should be obligated to follow the orders of “advisors”?

    How very, very progressive. Are not political considerations the purpose of having politicians? You can have a technocracy, or a democracy. You can’t have both.

  2. No not obligated to follow advisors advice, but at least to publish it alongside their (the politician’s) own decisions. With or without reasons for the politicians not following the advice.

  3. The problem is, most of the shitty government policies we suffer under are being driven by their nutball “scientific advisors”. The parliament needs clearing of these report-waving charlatans, not further subduing to them.

  4. in the US the chief scientific advisor to the president is Holdren
    writer of a book extolling the culling of the poulation in the 1970s (for the earths sake)
    ya think the prez knows that ??

  5. Air Passenger Duty which has been set at just about what the Stern Review said it should be.

    Which would be fine if the Stern Report wasn’t a load of politically-inspired bollocks that overstates the “cost” of CO2 by about 400%.

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