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What excellent news!

The latest statistics indicate that, between March and May this year, a record 927,000 individuals were working fewer than 30 hours a week because they could not find a full-time job, a rise of 38 per cent on last year. The figures include new employees who have been hired on a part-time basis and existing staff who have been offered reduced hours.

Isn\’t that wonderful?

Think of all those work life balances being tipped towards more life and less work!

Entirely disregard the point that this is involuntary: the proles don\’t know what\’s good for them anyway, as is proven by the way that so many insist that we should not work more than 48 hours proves.

After all, if we\’re all too dim to work out our own life/work balance, as all too many insist we are, then whether it\’s the law or economic circumstance which leads to it being determined for us makes little difference, does it? It\’s still all to the good that we spend more time with our families, building community feeling, rather than working for the man and filthy lucre, isn\’t it?

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