Guardian leader about African farming.

At no point at all do they discuss or even mention property rights.

I believe it is still true that all land in Ethiopia is State owned. Until that changes you\’re not going to see much else changing.

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  1. “Until that changes you’re not going to see much else changing.”

    whoa there cowboy! changing property rights might be one way to change much else, but there are others, like for instance changing the incentives faced by farmers working on state-owned land….. see here (sadly this is one of the most badly written books I have ever encountered, but the content is interesting).

  2. I don’t agree.

    Back in the day, all English land was State-owned, i.e. by the King and his Barons, they rented it out to farmers in exchange for military/legal protection and everything worked fine.

    They later came up with the wizard wheeze of selling of the land, squandering the proceeds and then taxing incomes instead of collecting normal market rents.

    So full state ownership is a good place to start whenever you’re designing the perfect economic system.

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