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Worstalls not elsewhere

The Agincourt database.

Nope, not a single one.

Not all that hugely surprising as at that time we were all French, Irish, Inca (allegedly) and in fact, absolutely anything other than English or Welsh.

7 thoughts on “Worstalls not elsewhere”

  1. Worth turning off of the D928, if you’re south of St Omer & visiting Azincourt. They’ve sort of theme parked the place with hedgerows full of plywood cutout crossbowmen.
    Very hard to work out from the displayed narrative who won the thing.
    I’ve made a point the last couple of years, on St Crispin’s Day, to take the very english dog down so that he can have a dump on the battlefield & I can sup a couple of pints of english ale.
    Don’t see why old wounds should be allowed to heal……..

  2. Strangely no Umbongos but 2 (1 listed as “man-at-arms”) have my real surname. The one whose status is not disclosed was – in 1415 – listed as “sick” although his captain is given as a Lord de Ruthin (?) and his commander was Henry V. Fascinating stuff!

  3. Inca? Do you rip the beating heart from sacrifice victims, then?

    Tim adds: Displacement activity these days, so much more civilised. I write about Polly, Ritchie…..

  4. But six Kellys.

    Immigrants? I don’t know, they come over here, expecting to find their names in historic databases, etc. etc. etc……

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