Austrian economics in The Guardian?

I assume it\’s there because none of the editorial team know enough economics to realise that it flies in the very face of all Keyensian orthodoxy…..

3 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. “As the old saying goes, statistics are like bikinis – what they reveal is interesting, but what they conceal is critical.”

    And sexist!

  2. No, it’s in CiF because CiF isn’t particularly ideological – I believe they even run pieces by a certain Mr T Worstall…?

    (the article itself is traditional dogmatic Austrian idiocy, but hey)

  3. tim do you think the comment not to worry about GDP gave them the impression it was a pro Labour piece?
    Then your comment about lack of understanding is spot on

    some of the comments look as if they cannot make up their minds what the peice is really about

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