Politicians who cash in on lucrative directorships in the private sector could receive lower salaries than MPs with no outside interests under reforms being planned by Whitehall’s pay watchdog.

The Senior Salaries Review Body is to conduct a full review of Commons pay which is expected to examine whether MPs with second jobs should face a financial penalty.

There\’s nothing in this logic that would not apply to Ministers: so therefore if we accept this logic we must cut the pay of Ministers.


2 thoughts on “Yes Ministers”

  1. All this guff about second jobs is poppycock – Ministers have two jobs: Being an MP and being a Minister. If it’s alright for them to be beholden to another entity (the Government) it should be okay for everyone else in the Commons.

    What is required is honesty about external sources of income and let voters make the decisions. But the Statists will never go with that.

  2. Just a thought- I understand that cash prizes in the Tour de France are distributed amongst the team- the actual winner getting no money- on the ground that the winner couldn’t have done it without the team, and will in any case be able to cash in on sponsorship deals on the strength of his victory. Perhaps the same could be applied to government- Ministers salaries distributed round the commons, and ministers receiving no salary at all?

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