Yup, Amanda\’s against it

Not that anyone should hope that this means a long-term abandonment of the issue of choice as a vote-getter for Republicans.

Isn\’t that an evil thing for those nasty Republicans to talk about in reference to eletions?


5 thoughts on “Yup, Amanda\’s against it”

  1. I have read it and its a chilling piece , the closest thing we have to the belief god is on your side so anything is ok.
    I would feel more confident in the supposedly scientific basis of the pro death lobby if the same logic did not work just as well for 6 month year old children.

  2. Newmania:

    You’re absolutely right! And the Princeton ethicist, Peter Singer, is in favor of extending the “free-kill” zone somewhat to the right of “birth” on the axis of the “conception” to
    “adulthood” line plot.

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