Err, quite

JANET STREET-PORTER: A glass ceiling? It\’s reinforced b****y concrete!

So says a woman who has risen to the very tippy toppy of our society without any noticeable talent or skill….

Although, to be fair, she did shag for a time one of Sigue Sigue Sputnik which has to count for something or other.

Not much, but something.

5 thoughts on “Err, quite”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Alien Sex Fiend? Who could he have been thinking of I wonder?

    JSP’s career is a total mystery to me I have to say. Even stranger than Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s and coming close to Madeline Bunting’s. I mean, why?

    Surely Affirmative Action can’t be the only reason.

  2. I can remember at the time being delighted when Sigue Sigue Twatnik (or rather their record company) came a cropper.

    JSP had me googling up Normski and Magenta De Vine too. Phoneys the lot of them!

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