Et Tu Polly?

It\’s win-win: if families know their children will join a social mix, not be left stranded in a low-ability school, that eases middle class anxiety – while the mix raises all children\’s chances. The old GLC system used to band London children by ability at 11, so that every school got a fair share of each band. Had Labour dared break down class segregation instead of encouraging \”choice\” and phoney religious selection, results would be improving faster now.

Even Polly now supports the 11 plus? In effect, if not in name?

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  1. For her own children she supports Private Schools …but what she is proposing is mixing not Selection .The Brighton experiment in lottery allocation , which I had some hopes for has failed ( which she forgot in this article )
    Her vision of people who saved and worked to get into a decent catchment area contentedly watching their kids getting bussed into a social experiment is , obviously , shite .As a customer for the independent sector she would understand. Initially it caused a new disaspora into Private schools with people taking on huge debt to finance their escape .
    The problem, with Polly Toynbee understandable with her aristocratic connections is that she is incapable of imagining that there is any serious difference between one lot of relatively common people ,and another . From her perspective a nice Semi in Nappy Valley is much the same a s a council dump , after all not castles are they
    Behind all this is the brute fact that until the teaching Unions are taken on we will have nothing but expensive failure and debauched paper .
    She is right that the illiterate bottom rung need help but her proposal to sacrfice the chnaces of the middling children rimgs very hollow when she wasnot prepared to sacrifice her own….. Still; thank god for that if she did she would be a monster rather than merely a pain in the arse

  2. I would be surprised to find Polly supporting the eleven plus, as I understand that she failed it, and the Toynbee family influence was brought to bear on the case.

    The eleven plus also showed its worth in the cases of John (no bike) Prescott and Bea (“to you and I”) Campbell.

  3. No, she is supporting the opposite: students being separated from those of similar ability rather than taught together with them. This is because, as every Guardian columnist knows, it is much easier to teach mixed ability classes and bullying and disorder is much less likely in such classes.

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