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Goldman Sachs, the bastards

Jeez (from WSJ front page).

Critics say Goldman Sachs gives key trading tips only to its own traders and favored clients, hurting others who aren\’t given the opportunity to profit from the information.

Aren\’t Goldman Sachs just such complete bastards?

You know, using proprietary information in a proprietory manner?

5 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs, the bastards”

  1. what to investment banks employ all those analysts and sales desks for, if not to pass on tips to clients?

  2. For some reason, my firm only looks after its clients as well. There ought to be a law, or something. Better tell Willy and Ritchie!

  3. But do you have favoured clients who get correct information, and then unfavoured who don’t (as in this case if presumably the market prices have changed sufficiently to render the original report misleading).

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