Good Lord….

We actually have someone sensible in government?

“We’ll never sell a low-carbon future to the public if it depends on a deprivation model. I’m convinced that there’s no necessary trade-off between a low carbon future and more or less transport,” he said.

“The critical factor is the deployment of technology and the intelligent use of pricing and policy mechanisms to regulate emissions.”

Now that is a surprise.

3 thoughts on “Good Lord….”

  1. I wonder if Lord Adonis thinks he is “intelligent” enough to decide the technology to deploy, emission prices and regulatory policy. It would be a first if he was.

  2. “the intelligent use of pricing and policy mechanisms to regulate emissions” A pigou tax to get the optimum amount of transport for carbon? Great! Especially since we already have one up and running that more than covers the costs for road transportation in Fuel Duty. Just extend that to aviation and trains, job done.

  3. Yes, Lord Adonis was busy being sensible in education (pioneering Academies in DCSF) before he was unceremoniously booted to transport. I for one thought he might just retire – he’s certainly no favourite of the Prime Minister. But there he goes, being sensible in Transport as well.
    There was some talk of the Conservatives keeping Adonis on in DCSF (which would make him the only Minister to have been a member of the Lib Dems, Labour *and* the Conservatives), though I doubt that’ll happen. Many career politicians dislike his lack of ‘loyalty to the tribe’.
    I’d rather celebrate it…

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