How ineffably amusing

Mr. We Must Protect the Environment himself, George Monbiot, writes an article praising the hunter gatherer lifestyle of fishing from a sea kayak.

That hunter gatherer lifestyle which if all 6 billion of us tried it would have the planet stripped of everything edible in about three months.

4 thoughts on “How ineffably amusing”

  1. That’s because Monbiot and his ghastly friends intend the world to only contain, at most, a few millions of inhabitants, living a simple, primitive lifestyle.

  2. The man really is a female orifice that rhymes with a boat propelled by a stick.

    IanB: of course you’re absolutely correct – that is their assumption. That’s why in the event of ecological catastrophe, it’s imperative Moonbat gets eaten by CHUDs.

  3. The irony is that Monbiot and his urban friends would starve should they undertake such a marginal lifestyle without modern support systems. Why do you think the Canadian First Nations and Inuit don’t live like that any more?

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