How to tell it\’s a dud idea

List of signatories to a letter in The Guardian.

Seeing this lot you just know that it\’s got to be howling lunacy.

Caroline Lucas, Sunny Hundal, Richard Murphy, Prem Sikka, Gregor Gall, Brendan Barber, Andrew Simms, Neal Lawson, Johann Hari, John Harris, Chuka Umunna, teh stupid hurts, no mas, no mas.

They\’re calling for a High Pay Commission BTW, as if what it is they\’re asking for actually matters.

We need a High Pay Commission to launch a wide-ranging review of pay at the top. It should consider proposals to restrict excessive remuneration such as maximum wage ratios and bonus taxation to provide the just society and sustainable economy we all want.


9 thoughts on “How to tell it\’s a dud idea”

  1. We need a High Pay Commission to launch our brightest entrepeneurs on their new successful careers overseas.

  2. They want to restrict what private individuals (share-holders) do with their own money, while the state spends taxpayers’ money without oversight.


  3. Notice how the goal isn’t even the alleviation of poverty now, it truly is the Office of the Handicapper General, hacking down those who get ahead.

    It’s interesting just how quickly the New Labour project has unravelled at the end, reverting to the socialist norms of self-destruction. In a totalitarian society, the next phase is mass murder of those that don’t agree.

  4. The public will fall for this kind of nonsense until you mention the word ‘footballers’. Then they’ll happily tell you that you must pay footballers whatever they demand or else they’ll go to Real Madrid where they can get more.

  5. The question is, if government is a trustworthy and benevolent arbiter of fair wages etc, and wage unjustice is due to the private profit motive, why do civil servants have trade unions?

  6. Could we have a high benefits commission?
    Seriously no one should be better of on benefits that people in MacDonalds.
    (Believe me I did as a student it was not fun).

  7. Looking down the list of signatories, there are plenty of the born agains (some literally) who make their wedge but only then find their social conscience (Cable is the obvious example).

    Why not call their bluff. Great idea, let’s make the commission’s findings retrospective.

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