I think I\’ve said something like this myself recently

But what does it matter to those who died what Stalinism developed into? What does it matter to the dead and their families whether they were starved for being kulaks, shot for writing \”nationalist\” literature, thus impeding inevitable progress to socialist utopia, or killed for being Slavs and resisting the Nazis, thus making way for a perfect racial empire? It is surely less important why people were killed, than that they were killed. The fact that the apparent aim of Stalin\’s terrors – the socialist utopia – seems nobler to some than Hitler\’s vision of racial perfection, can offer no solace to those terrorised.

The joy today of course is reading such sentiments in The Guardian.

2 thoughts on “I think I\’ve said something like this myself recently”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    But that was only a reply to a long term, more important, permanent member of Staff at the Guardian who wrote how Stalin’s victims were not as important as Hitler’s because there weren’t as many of them, Stalin’s heart was in the right place, and the Right should not be allowed to use them to criticise Leftists today.

    A sentiment that the majority of commentators seemed to agree with. The Guardian is still a rag in full-on Davied Irving-mode when it comes to Stalin and Stalinism.

  2. The Left does not seem able to accept that anti-democratic ideologies such as Stalinism or Communism do not belong there. The church should not be that broad.

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