A teenager who needs a liver transplant because of his binge drinking left his hospital bed to go to the pub across the road……Staff at the Moate Inn said that Mr Anderson had been wearing hospital gown and slippers, and had intravenous drip needles in his arms.

Err, what can one say?

13 thoughts on “Jeebus”

  1. Perhaps he had been reading too much Viz – a Roger Mellie strip in that magazine showed very similar behaviour.

  2. I’ve got to say if I was in his position (with the state using a jobsworth excuse to condemn him to death) I’d probably want a drink too.. And a smoke.. etc.

  3. Indeed. It’s not an “NHS Death Panel” thing, it’s a “squeamish idiots not donating their organs” thing. And while obviously you’ve got to feel some pity for the daft kid, I don’t see him as likely to prove a brilliant potential caretaker for liver #2.

  4. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    He may not look after his new liver but he’ll certainly get the most out of it,

    I wouldn’t mind donating my liver to someone after I’m dead but I don’t plan for it to be in very good working order. Besides, there’s no room on the donor card to put “Not under any circumstances to be given to a public-sector employee.”

  5. He maybe thought he is dead already anyway.

    Plus, he probably cannot imagine that there is a life without alcohol (and his ‘friends’) and knowing you’ll probably die and it’s mostly your own fault is also quite the harsh realisation to chew on.

    So, cut the young man some slack here, he still is a child after all, and a very scared one at that.

    If you want to blame anyone, look to the parents who didn’t prevent the tragedy, there is *no way* you can possibly miss your child boozing, unless you’re trying very hard not to notice, and ‘binge drinking’ alone is not going to mangle anyone’s liver (or none of my generation would have survived), nops, that takes a concentrated almost daily, diligent effort to attain.

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