Can new growth save the Amazon rainforest?

Vegetation is reclaiming agricultural land and might save us from consequences of deforestation

You mean like, trees and plants grow?

Awsome man!

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  1. Aren’t large areas of the ‘pristine’ Amazon rainforest now increasingly thought to be relatively recent. There seems to have been a flourishing civilisation along large areas of the region which was wiped out by the diseases that came over with the Europeans.

  2. Something tells me that if I cleared a patch of land in the Scottish Highlands, it would not subsequently be re-colonised by tropical hardwood trees, orchids, birds of paradise, and tortoises.

    Whatever is re-establishing in those areas is probably supposed to be there because it got seeded from stuff that is naturally there already.

  3. Forests grow back much quicker than greenies believe. They are wedded to a Romantic ideal of the ancient forest, unchanging for thousands and thousands of years. They don’t want to believe that if you log a forest it’ll just grow back the same- they have a mystical belief in the ancientnessness of it.

    Hence the lunacy of saving paper to protect “virgin” forests.

  4. It takes about 60 years to go from logged trees back to sometime resembling a rainforest and maybe 100-200 to get back to its pre-logged state. However, I believe rainforest is being cleared at a faster rate than it can grow back.

  5. Monty, what you get on your Scottish clearance depends almost entirely on fencing versus Bambi. What’s available for re-seeding is likely to be bambi-sensitive too.

    On almost everything to do with British woodland, the required reading is Oliver Rackham’s The History of the Countryside.

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