Jesus Maddy, get a grip would you?

The Mahdi has just discovered that humans are collaborative, social beings.

Heigh ho….

So after this trembling step in the right direction she manages to fall over, flat on her face:

Are human beings self-interested creatures or are they collaborative? The right\’s argument for market capitalism is rooted in the former but the research on the social brain supports the latter.

The argument for markets (leave aside capitalism for another day) is that, yes, of course humans are collaborative. That\’s what markets are, the way in which humans collaborate.

Jesus Maddy, what is so fucking difficult about this concept? It predates the existence of Homo Sapiens, let alone the existence of our own species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

\”Hey, Ugg!\”


\”Give me some of that mammoth meat before it goes off and next time I kill a mammoth I\’ll give you some meat….if I do kill a mammoth in the future.\”

\”Cool Dude! There you go!\”.

\”Maybe we should swap some meat for the berries the birds have found?\”

\”Good idea: maybe we\’ll get hubba hubba too!\”.

\”Good thinking, Ugg.\”

(Note that not only have we just described a market exchange, we\’ve managed to include a future and an option as well, along with uncertainty as to the outcome….no, perfect knowledge of the future is not required.)

Surprisingly, modern research shows that you\’re more likely to get laid if you offer your date a steak dinner rather than tofu (this does not work on k d laing for a number of obvious reasons).

We can also see in the fossil record evidence of trading networks: flints heavily worked, by what can only be described as experts, found hundreds of miles from the stone\’s origins. So we\’ve division of and specialisation of labour too.

The argument in favour of markets is not that human beings are self-interested (although, to an extent, they are). The argument for markets is that human beings are collaborative in their own self-interest and markets are the way that they collaborate.

You do this, I\’ll do that and we\’ll swap the production.

That\’s a fucking market you dim bulb time waster!

Jesu Christe on a unicycle, haven\’t you bothered to read any Adam Smith?

The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men…..

9 thoughts on “Jesus Maddy, get a grip would you?”

  1. Perhaps she has read Smith. In fact, given that famous line, I suspect very strongly that she has. Unfortunately, she read it with her Gender Studies blinkers on:

    “The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men…..”

    And we all know that men are self-centred bastards you see, so they can’t be collaborative.

  2. Ah, but you see, collaboration is only possible through the state…

    Its rather strange how the statists claim that markets are built upon selfishness and greed, then they claim that humans are collaborative, but need the state to ensure that…

    I’m firmly convinced that most of humanity is lacking cognitive dissonance detection facilities (or an amazing ability to delude themselves).

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    “(this does not work on k d laing for a number of obvious reasons).”

    Yet another damn good reason to eat steak.

  4. It’s scary reading Mad Bunty’s pseud-science rantings – a classic case of a non-scientist trying to co-opt scientific principles she clearly doesn’t understand.

    But try visiting the RSA website [motto ‘removing barriers to social progress’].
    They used to merely promote the arts, now its run by ex-Blair adviser Matthew Taylor and it’s been transformed into a left-wing authoritarian tax-funded campaign organisation. Their mission seems to be to reprogramme the entire population into an army of left-wing automatons. Truly scary stuff.

  5. Tim, it is in vain. Bunting is either pathologically thick – or she is actively suppressing such obvious points from her own analysis.

    I have wondered why it is that the left – and not just the left – keep making this basic error, or think that they can continue to make out that markets don’t involve co-operation. The problem they cannot grasp is co-operation without a state. It is the error that won’t be dislodged.

  6. The strange thing is that if you have to deal with any of these lefties on a personal basis you generally find they’re tight fisted, acquisative bastards who’ll try & wring every possible cent out of a deal.
    Wonder if her Madness has a Tuscan villa to match Potty Pol’s?

  7. Markets are based on competition. What you are describing is cooperation which is the basis for socialist participatory economics.

    Tim adds: You can call it anything you want but no, markets are not based on competition: they are based upon exchange, which is of course cooperation.

  8. Alas, all Maddie will see is that you have also described a nascent sex-industry in which the about-to-be-exploited “birds” will be nothing but hubba-hubba slaves to male self-interest.

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