My word, could there be a connection here?

The NHS has higher sickness rates than the rest of the public sector and enjoys the most generous terms and conditions while off work.

You know, I think there might be a connection.

If you pay people to be inactive, there will be more inactivity.

Lord (Professor, Richard) Layard

Gosh, interesting, eh?

3 thoughts on “My word, could there be a connection here?”

  1. Dizzy makes a good point – it appears that, if off sick, staff are not allowed back until 48 hrs after the last symptom.

    So, three days off after a dodgy curry!

  2. Fair enough, but a) about half of NHS staff come into contact with sick people quite often and b) we don’t want them infecting patients.

    To make any sort of valid comment, we’d have to see what the respective figures are for a) the half of NHS staff who actually come into contact with sick people and b) all the quangista and paperpushers who’ve nothing to do with patients.

  3. NHS staff also get priority treatment in the NHS so they get to jump the queues that other users have to put up with. One would expect them then to spend less time off sick.

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