Neal Lawson is a cretin, isn\’t he?

…the official closure earlier this month of Britain\’s only wind turbine blade manufacturing plant, Vestas, is a sharp reminder of the failure of blind reliance on free markets to solve the economic and climate change crises. The plant\’s closure, with the loss of 400 jobs, was blamed on the slow pace of growth in the UK\’s wind turbine market and the drawn out local planning process to agree projects.

The definitely, absolutely not, in no way whatsoever, not free market planning process leading to the failure of a company is evidence of a failure in reliance upon free markets?

The man really is a cretin.

Britain almost couldn\’t be better placed to profit from this emergent sector. We are one of the windiest countries anywhere in the world. We already have engineering expertise for offshore windfarms from exploiting our dwindling gas and oil reserves. The skill sets of our ailing car manufacturing industry, together with our aerospace industry, are easily transferable to wind turbine manufacturing.

More howling stupidity.

There\’s a very large difference between having a comparative advantage in exploiting wind power and in manufacturing wind power. We might have an advantage in both, we might have an advantage in neither. But to say that because we\’re a windy island we\’re therefore going to be better at manufacturing windmills is insane.

It is exactly like saying that because we eat more chocolate than anyone else (which I think we do actually) then we\’re going to be better at growing cocoa than anyone else. An idea so obviously insane that a functioning adult would reject it out of hand.

The plan, which rhetorically at least has cross-party support, could create up to half a million more jobs in the UK.

Neal bubba, jobs are a cost, not a benefit. Try, at least, to get that simple idea into your cranium.

Bold Keynesian bailouts by Alistair Darling and Lord Mandelson of other parts of the economy, notably the finance sector and car industries, have saved them from catastrophe.

Christ Almighty, you gibbering, spasming moron. By propping up the car industry in its present form you have just stopped the skill set you so admire from moving over into making windmills. Are you ignorant of opportunity costs as well? Jeebus, which window has he got his tongue stuck to?

2 thoughts on “Neal Lawson is a cretin, isn\’t he?”

  1. What can you do?There used to be a talking heads programme on BBC2 with this numpty and that ‘poet’ that got a stiffy when an Israeli toddler got her brain cleaved in two by a chunk of shrapnel from a Palestinian mortar and left her mother howling over her corpse. I found its oscillation between stupidity and evil to be tolerable only in about 30 second bursts.

  2. Well the thing is, Keynesians, (that is just about everybody in economics, politics and the political class) don’t think jobs are a cost. In fact, they think that the purpose of industry is to create social goods, like employment, because they have no idea of what value actually is or what production actually is. In their conceptual model, all industry is makework; you tiddle about pulling the levers of the economy until you have enough industry (or bureaucracy) to soak up all the workers until they’ve all got 40 hours work each, and that’s what the economy is for. They see the stuff produced as a kind of side effect of employment. In fact, in an ideal economy, nothing would be produced at all, which would “save resources”.

    Their conceptual model is completely at odds with reality. Factories are just “employment farms”.

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