Not here for a month

Apologies, but taking a month off from blogging.

No, no blogger\’s block or anything.

Rather, I\’ve got a new job of sorts. I\’ve spent a month playing with it part time and the results have been satisfactory in terms of income. Now I need to do it for a month properly and full time. To see whether that actually makes much difference in terms of income or not (I have my suspicions that it won\’t but that\’s the point of trying it out).

The sad part is I cannot write there in the way that I do here, it needs to be slightly more pofaced than that. And fewer quick and snide asides. Proper articles only really. Well, they can be short, but not blog post-like.

I\’m also not going to be reading blogs, or at least not very much. Possibly not even UK newspapers.

But that won\’t matter to you all, will it, for you\’re all off on your hols anyway, right?

Anyone who is insane enough to want to do so can pick up the RSS feed here. It\’s all going to be very US centric, a mixture of chasing whatever has Google Trends spinning and commentary on US stories. Snidery might break out though, you never know.

I guess that will just leave Ritchie having to find his own errors, eh?

15 thoughts on “Not here for a month”

  1. Ah noes! Tim, isn’t there somehow we can at least read you?

    In any event, very best wishes.

    Tim adds: Yes, you can read me at The Examiner, as above.

  2. Ross – you took the words right out of my mouth.

    If it is as successful as you’d like, does that mean you won’t be coming back here Tim?

    Tim adds: Will be coming back because I can’t really write about the UK there and am interested in continuing to do so. But got to give it the old school try over there. I am, after all, an unemployed freelance writer at present and that’s the best offer going.

  3. Sorry to hear that I have just started reading (and then been in C0rnwall worshipping Satan as you do ). Its a great blog and I `ll miss it

  4. Are you an American taxpayer now? All that Congress spending ‘our’ money?

    Tim adds: I’ve long had US income which is indeed subject to US tax, so yes. But as I’ve mentioned before to write there I have to write as if I am indeed a USian.

  5. Tim, I’ll be sure to keep a beady eye on the nonsense of Richtie, Willie and the Pollster while you are away. They can run, but they cannot hide.

    Good luck with the new gig!

  6. “But as I’ve mentioned before to write there I have to write as if I am indeed a USian.”

    What does that mean? You have to chew tobacco? Do it from your mum’s (mom’s) basement?

    Tim ads: Really, I think it just means that I have towrite slowly so the audience can keep up.

  7. Pity, I had picked up on your Queen obsession re heroin and all and thought one of my blogs might fascinate you:

    Rogers v Windsor: A suggestion.
    A royalist plot

    InsiderT asked of HM Queen’s “Allotment” at Buckingham Palace:

    How’s the shed?

    Lord Rogers should design one and introduce it there, late one night . . .

    Just as guerrilla gardeners introduce plants unwontedly into public and other places to their own tastes . . .

  8. “I’m also not going to be reading blogs, or at least not very much. ”

    That didn’t really work out, did it? You spent the whole day on LibCon yesterday!

    “Snidery might break out though, you never know.”

    From you? Surely not!

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