Professor Tim Lang

Professor Tim Lang is one of our own government\’s advisors on food security.

Here\’s what he had to say about Britons farming parts of the Ukraine.

\”I feel sorry for Ukraine, here it is, it was colonised by the Russians, it was the grain basket for many, many years, it went downhill and now it is being asset stripped again by the West,\” he says.

\”You could say that it is good for the Ukraine, that it is getting inside investment from rich countries, that its productivity will go up, that since the collapse of the Soviet Union it has not had the requisite investment, that at least under Stalinism there was a huge amount of that sort of investment – you can paint that picture – but I\’m not convinced by that.\”

I feel rather faint after that. Before I retire to come all over Obnoxio or DK, I\’ll just point out that this fool thinks that \”huge amount of that sort of investment\” means cordoning off the country and starving 8 million of the population to death.

For that is what Stalin did….

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  1. I find it frightening that the likes of Tim Lang glory in the title Professor and are listened to by the government. It is apparent that his politics interfere with his ability to assess a situation from an objective viewpoint. He is of course a serial meddler (anti-GM, anti-obesity, food miles) and sucker of the taxpayer’s teat.

    Anyone know what his BA PhD were in?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t know what his BA or PhD were in but from his Poly’s website:


    BA (Hons) Leeds University

    PhD Leeds University


    Professor of Food Policy

    Programme leader for doctoral programme in Food Policy.

    Work Biography
    Tim Lang has been Professor of Food Policy at City University since November 2002. He was Director of the Centre for Food Policy at Thames Valley University from 1994 to 2002, before it moved to City University. He was Director of Parents for Safe Food, 1990-1994 and before that Director of the London Food Commission, 1984 to 1990. In the 1980s, he was a lecturer at Preston and Manchester Polytechnics and from the mid 1970s a hill farmer in Lancashire.

    So he has never had a job at a real University even if his degrees came from one. Sort of.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    There are a lot of Tim Langs in the world. From the quango he sat on in London:

    “After a doctorate in social psychology, Tim Lang was a hill farmer for seven years in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, before turning to the policy aspects of food.”

    Social psychology? I hope that is advertising.

    I prefer this one:

  4. @ ” I’ll just point out that this fool thinks that “huge amount of that sort of investment” means cordoning off the country and starving 8 million of the population to death.
    For that is what Stalin did….”
    Can we just get back to the historical facts please. Firstly, the Eastern Ukraine was part of he Russian Empire for c enturies, this then became the Soviet Union, so when was the “cordoning off”? Secondly, the famine or “holodomor” also happened in Southern parts of Russia proper – the Don, the Kuban,parts of the Volgograd area and northern Caucasus not just the Ukraine. This is a political revisionist spin on what actually happened by the mostly, Western Ukranians trying to curry favour with the West. Even the map on shows that parts of Southern Russian were effected, this is also reported by e.g. Malcolm Muggeridge at the time. Perhaps a little more historical research is required to get the real facts.

  5. Yeah, what a loser – let’s kill him, and all the other fags, wogs, arseholes, leftys, and pricks in this world!

  6. @Liz –
    You must be blinded by Marxist ideology or woefully uninformed. Here are some historical facts, since you seem value them so much. I offer you no ‘political revision spin’. Perhaps you and others may use this opportunity to expose yourselves to ‘a little more historical research’ which you sagely say is ‘required to get the real facts’. Rather than getting your educations from hip celebrities with their radical chic personas, the University of Hollywood (where we all get a diploma!), TV, or just anywhere on the internet, may I suggest speaking with people who have lived under Communism in Eastern Europe or elsewhere? Perhaps those who have family, such as myself, who have suffered under communism? Perhaps engaging in conversations with those, such as myself or others, who have some Ukrainian ancestry, who have been to Eastern Europe, and yes, had more than a few conversations with survivor’s of Communism? Will you please stop pissing on the memory of our dead ancestors with your ignorance!?! Perhaps these opportunities to do ‘a little historical research’ are not currently available. Hey, how about a book? Why not try ‘Harvest Of Sorrow’ by Robert Conquest. Published 1986 by Oxford University Press. Or ‘Execution By Hunger’ by Miron Dolot. Some nations, including the USA, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and others recognize the Holodomor as genocide. Anyone reading at this point who is a committed Marxist doesn’t need to read further. You’re best approach is denial or apathy.

    1. You state that Ukraine was part of Russian Empire for centuries; yes, but what’s your point? So was Poland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and many others. Are you saying these nations have no right to existence and self-determination? They have their own languages, cultures, and faiths distinct from Russians. Do the English have a moral right to forcibly pen in and starve the Irish, Scots, or Welsh? Imagine if they tried to do so on a massive scale just 70yrs. ago! Surely we’d know about it? Well, you’d be pre-supposing a relatively free press, availability of information, educational system not dominated by propaganda, semi-valuation of citizen’s lives based on constitutional and democratic principles, or accountability of leaders which we take for granted in the West, but simply do not, and have never existed in today’s Russia or the USSR, or yes, even Tsarist Russia. Don’t forget the role of those Lenin called ‘Useful Idiots’; the Marxist intellectuals and apologists for mass murder who are usually the first to be liquidated once the Revolution consolidates. Is this you, Comrade Liz?
    2.For over 100 yrs., and longer in Poland, there even existed a sort of Constitutional – Parliamentary system (mid 17th to 18th centuries – see p.27 Harvest Of Sorrow).
    3.You ask what or ‘when was the cordoning off?’ In 1930-32, under Stalin’s orders, a vast swathe of land in USSR which today totally encompasses Ukraine, parts of Russia, Kazakhstan, and included Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Romanians, Hungarians, and other peoples was conducted like a massive death camp. Of the 40 million inside this area, around a quarter were dead or dying. Just like Nazi concentration camps, well fed police and guards supervised this horror. And like the Nazi Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, and others, these people suffered horribly because of their races and culture; a direct consequence of Stalin’s paranoia due to the rising nationalistic aspirations of the region and the threat it would represent to the security of the USSR. Thus, a man made famine, executions, and deportations to the Arctic served to depopulate these troublesome people (from their own lands – it’s called ethnic cleansing!) and break the will of the rest. This enabled more ethnic Russians to move into the region.
    Sadly, even in relatively free and humane societies like America and Europe, maybe only 5% of the population knows or gives a shit. And this ignorance even permeates the highest levels: witness then-White House Communications Director Anita Dunn (naturally a product of prestigious universities) saying in a public speech back in May 2009 that along with Mother Teresa, Mao-Tse-Tung was her favorite political philosopher. Did it have anything to do with the 70 Million+ murdered Chinese under his reign? So there’s still hope for all you Neo-Marxist mass murdering wanna-bees. The rest of us can only hope it’s just a phase.

  7. Comrade Liz Gee will not be persuaded by the facts since she is dedicated to her leftist ideology. But other visitors to this blog should read this description of the Holodomor excerpted from the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

    “The result of Stalin’s policies was the Great Famine (Holodomor) of 1932–33—a man-made demographic catastrophe unprecedented in peacetime. Of the estimated six to eight million people who died in the Soviet Union, about four to five million were Ukrainians. The famine was a direct assault on the Ukrainian peasantry, which had stubbornly continued to resist collectivization; indirectly, it was an attack on the Ukrainian village, which traditionally had been a key element of Ukrainian national culture. Its deliberate nature is underscored by the fact that no physical basis for famine existed in Ukraine. The Ukrainian grain harvest of 1932 had resulted in below-average yields (in part because of the chaos wreaked by the collectivization campaign), but it was more than sufficient to sustain the population. Nevertheless, Soviet authorities set requisition quotas for Ukraine at an impossibly high level. Brigades of special agents were dispatched to Ukraine to assist in procurement, and homes were routinely searched and foodstuffs confiscated. At the same time, a law was passed in August 1932 making the theft of socialist property a capital crime, leading to scenes in which peasants faced the firing squad for stealing as little as a sack of wheat from state storehouses. The rural population was left with insufficient food to feed itself. The ensuing starvation grew to a massive scale by the spring of 1933, but Moscow refused to provide relief. In fact, the Soviet Union exported more than a million tons of grain to the West during this period.

    The famine subsided only after the 1933 harvest had been completed. The traditional Ukrainian village had been essentially destroyed, and settlers from Russia were brought in to repopulate the devastated countryside. Soviet authorities flatly denied the existence of the famine both at the time it was raging and after it was over.”

    I find it both fascinating and appalling that today Comrade Liz denies this attempt at genocide through a deliberately inflicted famine, just as Stalin and the Soviet communists did when it was happening. It seems that Communists, of both yesterday and today, are nothing if not mono-maniacally persistent in their pursuit of power through the suppression of truth and the oppression of free people.

    Yesterday the Stalinists suppressed the facts because they were in power. Today, Comrade Liz and her kind ignore the facts and try to suppress them because they are hell-bent on re-acquiring power. They lie about ‘Climate Change’, over-population, food shortages, health-care, free markets and more in order to seize total control over the lives of ordinary people. (While, of course, they exempt themselves from the rules they impose on the masses).

    That is why they are rightfully called


    and should be the subject of scorn and derision by all freedom loving people. Most importantly, they should never, ever be allowed into any position of political power.

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