Gordon Brown has broken the contract he made when he arrived in No 10 that promised easier access to university: Blair\’s promise of 50% graduates by 2010 could have been achieved this year. Instead Brown\’s short-lived Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills bungled its costings. I can get no costing for the rise and fall of DIUS, disbanded after just two years, but that fiasco would have paid for a good many college places and apprenticeships.

One thing is certain: the young are not to blame but they are taking the hardest hit for the financiers\’ folly.

Amazing, ain\’t it?

Government fucks up and it\’s the financiers that Polly blames.

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  1. At the absolute outside one in fourteen (7%) of the population has the brainpower to pursue an honours degree in an academically-demanding subject at the undergraduate level. For real degrees like maths, physics, electronic engineering etc. it’s more like one in forty (if your IQ’s less than 130 or so then piss off and read something numpty like geography and stop wasting everyone’s time). You can blame the financiers or sunspots or bloody leprechauns for why 50 % of people can’t get a worthwhile degree and it won’t make a blind bit of difference. One thing’s for damn sure: it takes either catastrophic head injuries or a very expensive Oxbridge education to be as fucking stupid as Polly Toynbee.

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