That\’s interesting

Britain\’s women control over £400m more expenditure every week than men do.

Rather puts the kibosh on the complaint that women earn less than men, doesn\’t it?

Who the hell cares who makes it ….who gets to spend it is what counts.

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  1. I have always said that one of the reasons not to worry about the mothers’ pay gap too much is because most couple pool income and expenses. And in many cases, the Mrs has the upper hand anyway.

  2. Source? I’m a bit sceptical. So that’s about £21bn a year, in a £1,400bn economy. So £690bn and £710bn roughly – might be a bit of room for miscalculation here, especially as the Chancellor is a man.

  3. Hey,

    That appears to be based on this survey:

    Clearly, subjective survey responses are open to question. The result isn’t that odd when you think about it, though. Most of the pay gap is women who have had children, interrupting their careers. Those women will often have a partner who they pool income with, and probably have the balance in controlling how that income is spent.

    The question is whether or not women are advantaged by having more day to day control over their income or disadvantaged as they rely upon someone else’s earnings. Clearly it could be the latter from a feminist perspective, as it ties women into family relationships. However, it is likely to be the former if you’re looking at old fashioned utility; more money to spend for less work.


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