The joys of peasant life

Yes, community there is indeed.

It means scraping a living from the animals you keep and the patches of vegetables you\’ve always grown. It means cabbage soup or beans and potatoes smothered in olive oil, plus chorizo made from every last bit of the pig you slaughtered yourself, washed down with the light red wine made in the shed at the back.

There\’s also horrible poverty. You see, the down side of the peasant lifestyle is that people have to live like, well, peasants.

3 thoughts on “The joys of peasant life”

  1. Interestingly, in that piece, not once did the mention of flies occur.
    animals= sh1t=flies

    Actually been doing this peasant living stuff for the past few months, not too far from sunshine’s holiday spot & that’s my abiding memory: breathing flies, eating flies & digging flies out of ears & nostrils & anywhere else they can insinuate.

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