The Ted and Gerry show


2 thoughts on “The Ted and Gerry show”

  1. Like Price Charles, Ted Kennedy was lucky enough to be born into a privilaged family. He was admitted to Harvard due to his being a member of that family, after he was kicked out for cheating, he was readmitted and graduated due to his family money. If his last name had been Schweinsteiger, he would have never won an election. After letting a woman drown after drunkenly driving off a bridge during a bout of cheating on his wife and fleeing the scene of a fatal accident, he was kept out of jail due to his being a member of the Kennedy family.

    Apparently, Americans are not as adverse to a monarchy as we claim.

  2. If you ever had any doubts about what an odious person Ted Kennedy was, a glowing eulogy by Gerry Adams should reassure you.

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