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Veronica Berlusconi

Sorry, I just find this very amusing. And amusingly done as well:

But it’s a bit rich for Veronica to be getting on her high horse. Whenever she emotes about her husband “consorting with minors” — insofar as you can register emotion with a face that has been as surgically enhanced as hers — you can’t help thinking that it serves her right.

She was not the first Signora Berlusconi. Silvio was happily married with two children to Carla Elvira Dall’Oglio when he encountered Veronica. She was acting in a play that required her to go topless for artistic purposes. By the time Berlusconi divorced Carla in 1985, he and Veronica had three children.

In short, it’s a little over the top for Veronica to complain now that Mr B is an adulterer. If he weren’t, she wouldn’t be in her present position.

3 thoughts on “Veronica Berlusconi”

  1. There’s lots of legitimate criticism of Berlusconi, but his sex life is irrelevant. Instead, criticise him for having passed a law giving himself immunity from prosecution.

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