Amanda again

Dim woman living in one of the most free societies ever created, with the least gender discrimination since we came down out of the trees, says that yes, gender pay inequity largely based upon decisions that women make themselves is indeed to be equated with sexual slavery and honour killings.

Do bugger off lass would you?

6 thoughts on “Amanda again”

  1. Just another western “feminist” turning nasty because our attention is drawn to women in the third world who are being brutalised by menfolk who aren’t actually white and western.

    How dare they depart from her script?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    You have to laugh.

    And in my neck of the woods, it’s “Stop arguing with me and get me another beer”. Of course divorce is not unknown where I come from. Sometimes involving Courts and lawyers and stuff. As opposed to shotguns.

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