Anyone know the answer?

I know that one of the enviro/greenie worries is the rate of topsoil erosion.

OK, could be a problem, certainly.

But what I\’d like to know is what is the rate of topsoil creation?

We didn\’t start out with some set number, erosion, the activities of worms (??) floods, additional cow shit, breakdown of plant life, whatever, are creating more topsoil at some rate.

So, anyone know what it is?

7 thoughts on “Anyone know the answer?”

  1. Given that anything old (archaeology type stuff) always seems to be buried underground, I’d hazard a guess that more soil is created than eroded? Or does old stuff sink into the earth?

  2. from memory I think it gets created at about one inch every 25 years – Darwin estimated it by observing a field on a daily walk over a lengthy period of time. At the start it was stony but after 30? years or so, all the stones were invisible

  3. The rate at which it is created must ever so slightly more than the rate at which it is eroded, or else there wouldn’t be any.

    OTOH, one inch every 25 years seems very fast (being creation minus erosion, presumably) – if that were true then the entire planet would be covered with topsoil several miles thick.

  4. would not all this depend on the original state of forest/jungle or whatever and later on the spread of the earnest endevours of farmers via agriculture ( and deforesting)?

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