Blogger down

I\’ve missed this one.

Notes from a Hospital Bed.

A journo and blogger from around my way who has ended up stuck in Swindon Hospital as:

Freelance journalist struck down by a bone and flesh-eating bug. Now battling against the NHS and DWP while trying to get better.

Currently going through 6 weeks of traction as his femur knits.

Anyone in the area handy with a bunch of grapes? Or know how to smuggle the Shiraz in?

The blog\’s worth readin\’ an\’ all: think dystopian health care.

2 thoughts on “Blogger down”

  1. Poor bastard.

    I read a report someone from a patient group going in and what they discovered about the cleanliness of it.

    And I remember why they built the new one. Because it was only shite because it was old, and a shiny one was going to make everything better.

  2. Poor chap , sometimes fate stick it is and snaps it off and its hard to make any sense of it .

    Timbo,some fine fine work on the last few posts ; a return to form for which I feel I must take the credit . Twas I that whinged about some un characteristically lame-ass weak sheet back a -while , no doubt a contrite Tim knuckled down immediately .:) …

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