Caroline Lucas MEP

Here\’s a question for our expert on Elizabethan poetry turned saviour of the world.

Earlier today, I joined with colleagues in the European Parliament to sign a letter to President Obama in support of his pledge to crack down on tax havens. We call on the President to stand firm on this issue at the G20 meetings and fight to ensure that every citizen and company pays their fair share to society.

Those MEPs re-elected in June have a choice to make (those newly elected cannot make this choice).

They can decide that they would prefer to remain paying UK tax on their Parliamentary income.

Or they can decide that they would rather pay EU income tax on said income. This is not, whatever their residence in the UK status, then taxable again to bring it up to UK taxation levels.

There difference between the two is around £1,700 a month. Yes, of course the EU tax is lower than the UK one.

So a question for Ms. Lucas: are you paying your fair share?

And fair share of which tax system?

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  1. “So a question for Ms. Lucas: are you paying your fair share?”

    If she was being honest (fat chance), she would recognise that the question you pose is irrelevant. She doesn’t pay any tax at all: she is a net recipient.

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