Clarkson\’s reaction?

Seven climate protesters dressed as suffragettes dumped horse manure on the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s front lawn yesterday under a banner reading: “This is what you’re landing us in”.

I\’m rather hoping it will be \”Excellent, just what I need for the roses\”.


TOP Gear star Jeremy Clarkson THANKED eco protesters who dumped bin bags full of horse manure on his lawn yesterday.

He joked: \”It\’s nice of them to buy me something for my roses. I must buy them a patio heater.\”

Great minds and fools seldom differ etc……

10 thoughts on “Clarkson\’s reaction?”

  1. Compared to the animal rights loons that pretty mild they would have had sent a letter bomb . I can never quite rid myself of the uncomfortable feeling that Clarkson is in fact just Esther Ransom for men and not the British PJ O Rourke at all.Hmmmm ?

  2. Seeing as they have just dumped it I wonder if they needed a waste transfer licence for that manure.

    There is ample evidence as to who dunnit so let them be prosecuted for fly tipping as well.

  3. “Seven climate protesters dressed as suffragettes dumped horse manure”

    How thick are these people? They’re supposed to throw themselves under the horse, not pick up its crap.

    But seriously folks, I think people who take protests to people’s homes, and thereby their families and their neighbours, are real scum. Doesn’t matter how earnest you are (albeit totally wrong), there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

  4. I saw this lot as they were on their travels. Earnest is how I would best describe them, in the P.J. O’Rourke sense of “stupidity gone to college”.

  5. Bearing in mind that the suffragettes were at the forefront of the movement to shame and cajole young men into the meat-grinder or WWI, it is amusing to ponder to what extent this current crop of distaff Swampies has to say about Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I think a life lesson that can be unequivocally drawn from this episode is that if something is being said by a chit of a gel called Tamsin, unless it is, “fancy a shag?” is complete and utter nonsense. Call it the Special Form of the Richard Murphy Bollocks Criterion.

  6. One might, just, take a tiny tad more notice if the “Cambridge-educated” little champagne socialist had a degree in Physics or similar, rather than that of nearly all “Environmental Correspondents”, English.

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