Dear, dear, Melissa Benn

Wondrous, really quite wondrous.

Lots of politicians don\’t want to get rid of selective schools, of grammars. Lots of local councils don\’t want to get rid of them.

The only time the people in an area with selective schools were actually asked they voted overwhelmingly to keep selection.

So thus here is Melissa\’s plan to do away with selection without letting any of that democracy shit interfere.

So, Melissa love, how much power do you have? Who gave it to you? And how do I get rid of you?

10 thoughts on “Dear, dear, Melissa Benn”

  1. Holland Park School the “socialist Eton” has no needof Selection as its catchment area includes only the wealthy.
    The entire subject is riven with hypocrisy and the best Comps actually run ruthlessly selective regimes in the school.
    On the other hand cementing social immobility is not a good thing especially for Conservatives .I do not think we can go back to Secondary Moderns

  2. “Holland Park School the “socialist Eton” has no needof Selection as its catchment area includes only the wealthy.”

    Surely the point of selective schools – Grammar schools – was academic selection, not economic.

  3. “The record-breaking GCSE results this year, many of them achieved at schools serving some of the most deprived areas of the country, show just what can be done within a comprehensive framework, with high expectations of all children not just a privileged few. Many of this year’s high achievers would have likely failed the 11-plus.”

    Have you ever seen such a pile of steaming fresh tractors in all your born days? The 11 plus was designed as a filter to seperate out the top 20% or so who were likely to go on ultimately to university, and feed them into schools which would prepare them academically for that route. The GCSE system we have today is designed to maximise the pass rate, and make the education system look good. So it is no wonder that most of the pupils with good results would not have passed the 11 plus. They would not have passed the GCE or the CSE of the 1970s either.

    As an analogy, we could banish obesity by changing the size labels on all the clothes in the shops. Call them all “small to medium”.

    I do not believe that the basic intelligence, cognitive ability and inherent talents of today’s schoolchildren are any more nor less than in the days of Grammar Schools. The comprehensive system is failing to develop their potential, and covering up its dirty little secrets by awarding them fraudulent and meaningless honours, and encouraging them to take on thousands of pounds worth of debt to embark upon degree courses in which they are bound to struggle.

  4. I notice she does not mention her old school, borstal perhaps. She is evil, perhaps a trait coupled with the name Benn and vile with it.

  5. Well, democracy never did anything for the old man, did it, love?

    Though being stupendously rich must have been some compensation.

    And your social mobility through the communist ranks didn’t owe a thing to your family connections, did it now? No real jobs sullied your CV on the way to a safe seat at the Grauniad.

  6. The comments on this page lack any depth of argument about the Comprehensive Education system and are quite slanderous towards Ms Benn. She is a 52 year old graduate of the london school of Economics (earning a first in history). She is the author of three books that I know of. She would argue for a cause that served her and her family well, that of Comprehensive education. She probably knows a great deal more about the subject than those making comments so…. Why not do her the curtesy of putting forward some arguments for your grammar school system or argueing against the comprehensive system. Or has the grammar school system left you anable to formulate your own opinions and arguments.
    I am a teacher in Scotland where the selection system here is to pay for private education or send your child to the predominantly Comprehensive Secondary school. Scots seem to do quite well for themselves on the world stage. Some have done well academically others do well in business and in Sport. As an educationalist I believe in developing well rounded individuals and I believe the Comprehensive system is better at developing the whole individual. I am a great believer in equal opportunity for all not just the wealthy or academically able!

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