Dim students

The report also warns that Labour’s target to send at least 50 per cent of school leavers to university should be abandoned to focus on \”quality not quantity\”.

Quite: there\’s no point in trying to punt 50% of the population through universities. All we\’re doing at present is indulging in the grossest form of credentialism. 30 years ago you could start you articles as a solicitor, your training as an accountant, straight out of school. Now you won\’t get your CV read to do anything other than stack shelves without a degree on it. A huge waste of everyone\’s time and money.

Student leaders, however, have called the report \”offensive\” and insisted it would drive thousands away from degree courses.

Yes, that\’s the point. Further, that really is the point, as \”student leaders\” tend to be those who have had some exposure to university life and who obviously haven\’t learnt much from it.

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  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Degrees are fast becoming what Laurence Peter called ‘certificates of competence’. Having one doesn’t prove very much but not having one…well. The sad part is that O Levels used to be certificates of competence. But qualifications have now been degraded so much that an extra five years’ education is necessary to reach the same point.

  2. I’d guess that a degree from a non-Russell-group “university” is about the same level of academic rigour as a 1960s “O” Level anyway.

  3. It is a cruel hoax against our young people, to let them study and get into debt in pursuit of a qualification which in many cases will not get them into the job market at all. And when there is a major hike in the fees, the most promising UK students will become ever more keen on doing their degree courses in the USA. Many will then be lost to the UK economy, because they will get snaffled up by US employers offering jobs, interships, green cards.

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